How To Play 6/49 Lottery

Lotto 6/49 has become Canadian’s favorite lottery game to play and win jackpots. The game guarantees more than a 1 million dollar prize to players. That’s staggering, but yet, and it’s not all. Each draw offers Canadian lotto fans the opportunity to buy their ticket and stand a chance of winning up to $5 million in jackpots.

You only need $3 to buy the ticket and receive one six-number selection plus one special ten-digit prize draw selection. Every Wednesday and Saturday’s Extra is a golden chance to win up to $250,000. There are other juicy booties in line for those who seek to learn how to play the 6/49 lotto.

But first, you must learn how to play the lottery to be eligible to claim these incredible offers. Let’s walk you through the simple step-by-step guide on how to play the 6/49 lottery.

Generally, you can play 6/49 LOTTO online or in-store. However, the two options are done the same way, except that the online Play requires you to use the online selection slip and click through your number picks. There are two ways to play the 6/49 lotto game. You can go by the Quick Pick method. Alternatively, the lotto is available via the Selection Slip model, although methods start with a similar model. You can learn several other ways, nonetheless. Whatever model you opt for, what’s critical is to win eventually.

The 6/49 Lotto Quick Pick allows the ticket terminal to select your selections randomly. The other way is to select your preferred numbers using the Selection Slip.

How to Play 6/49 Lotto Online

If you’re opting for the online version, here’s how to play 6/49 LOTTO:

  • Go to the Play online menu of your favorite online casino and pick LOTTO 6/49
  • Choose 6/49 Lotto Quick Pick. If you’re opting for the Selection Slip model, pick your preferred six numbers from the pool of 1 to 49. Alternatively, you can go for Play Both (Quick Pick and Selection Slip). The Play Both option is technical, but it’s available either by using the Selection Slip or asking the Retailer to
  • Regardless of your choice, each of the six numbers comes with a Guaranteed Prize Draw Selection, an auto-generated 10-digit number.
  • You’ll receive an equal selection on Western 649 and Lotto 6 6/49.
  • Once you’ve made your Lotto Pick, place $3 LOTTO. You can play up to six-number LOTTO 6/49 with $3.
  • With this, you will automatically qualify for a Guaranteed Prize Draw selection, but it doesn’t guarantee your winning.
  • After this, add an extra $1 to each number. This additional number allows you to specify the number on each of the six EXTRA LOTTO 6/49 numbers you purchase with your Quick Pick. Rather than using the Quick Pick request option, you can check the “Yes” button beneath each board you have played.
  • Set up a subscription play plan by buying tickets for future draws.
  • Your $3 wager pops up when your account is credited.

How to Win 6/49 Lotto

You’re guaranteed a jackpot if you’re lucky to have all your six Lotto 6/49 numbers matched by the six winning numbers the lotto draws. You are also eligible to win other attractive prizes once you match 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the six numbers drawn.

The Guaranteed Prize Draw selection also takes place at this time. But you can be sure that these draws occur every Wednesday and Saturday night, where six numbers and one additional number are randomly drawn from the 1-49 field. To win the 6/49 LOTTO, all the numbers matched must come up in the same pick line. That is, your LOTTO number must match the six numbers.

If you’re going for a combo play, the best way is to choose numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. You can rest assured of increased chances of winning with one ticket.

Odds of Winning 6/49 LOTTO

The odds of winning any prizes on 6/49 LOTTO are 1 in 6.6.


Winning odds (approximate)


1: 83


1: 56.7


1: 1,033


1: 55,492


1: 13,983,816

*** There are also the 2 of 6 + bonus and 5 of 6 + bonus, and the prices for each match vary. 

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