Biggest Ontario Lottery Wins

You won’t be wrong if you say Ontario is Canada’s gambling hub. After all, the province has produced some of the biggest lottery wins in the country’s gambling history. Who are these winners, and which games made them overnight millionaires?

Sticking only to lucky numbers has been adjudged the best strategy to win the lottery. But our past biggest Ontario lotto winners have shown that there’s more to this than meets the eye. Let’s unveil these winners and how much they won. Keep in mind that there’ll always be a winner in the lottery, and this might as well be you.

Adlin Lewis couldn’t have imagined winning $70 million in the lotto on the night of January 2020. Playing a game with winning odds of 33,294,800 per $% play was possibly a huge risk.

The 49-year-old Brampton-hailed credit risk manager purchased his ticket at George Convenience on Mississauga Road in Brampton. He was reported to have been playing the lottery for more than twenty-five years without luck.

Although his real identity was initially kept from the public eye by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), Adlin was later. It was a huge relief for the winner.

Marcel Lussier - $70 Million

Marcel Lussier, a retired engineer, is the second lucky guy on our list of the biggest Ontario Lottery wins. Not many would easily forget this Canadian winner who scooped home a whopping $70 million in June 2022.

The Hydro-Quebec employee, who bowed out of service 20 years ago and is a resident of Brossard, was in for the June draw. After checking, which numbers would work in his favor was later kicked off by the website.

After picking up his cheque in Montreal, Lussier promised to donate part of the money to help rebuild devastated Ukraine. He was also keen on funding people living with autism.

Leah woke up $60 million richer

A feeling of enthusiasm? There could be no other way to express Leah’s state of mind after several failed attempts at lotto Max? The date was May 2022, the winner was Leah Murdoch-Gerics, and the amount was a whopping $60 million.

Because of the April 19 draw, Leah, who hailed from Hamilton, Ontario, had purchased the $5 ticket through the ‘Quick Pick’ model on

Becoming a multimillionaire overnight wasn’t the dream the 58-year-old was nursing when she won the $60-million Lotto Max jackpot. This was one of the biggest prizes a player would win at the Lotto Max jackpot via its online option.

Ottawa quintet shared a $60 million

In June 2018, five Ottawa friends hit the right button in their long quest to beat the lottery. The five long-time friends – Norman MacDonald, Gilles Dionne, Christopher Beazley, Stephane Dionne, and Bryan Redman — were residents of different municipalities in Ontario. They were IT professionals and had been colleagues at different times. Four of them were colleagues at Payment Canada.

They’d purchased the quick-pick ticket for the June Draw, and by the time the draw took place, and the result for the OLG Lotto Max draw was out, their number popped up as the winner of the game.

The jackpot marked a new turn in the lives of these serial gamblers who had been at the OLG Lotto Max for ten years. How about $60 million under your belt? Let’s see who’s coming next after these men.

Chad and Christa Breyer – $50 million

By the time the March Lotto Draw result was out, they were already in full-blown ecstasy. No other news would have overshadowed Chad and Christa Breyer in March 2021. Knowing that their April 4 Easter picnic would not be spent in wretch was all they needed to hear.

This couple bought a $ 5′ quick pick’ for the March Draw at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar in Stratford, Ontario. Behold, the result showed that they would be going home with $50 million. What a night! What a joy for a couple who had driven around in their car for a week with the winning ticket.

There you have those lucky lotto winners. Who knows, you might be the next winner? Would you stay focused and stick to a set of numbers? What you also can do is check out our wide selection of the best real money online casinos in Canada!

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