Editorial Guidelines Editorial Guidelines

All the content presented on our website is crafted in alignment with our primary mission.

Our Mission

Our Mission is dedicated to assisting players in achieving greater success by furnishing them with Knowledge Insightful information and counsel.

Purpose of these Guidelines

We adhere to these guidelines to guarantee that all the information we provide contributes to enhancing your skills as a player. Whether it pertains to a casino, game, software provider, strategy, banking method, instructional guide, bonus, or any other topic—every piece of content we generate is aimed at aiding you.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower you, the players, to make informed decisions about your gambling activities. Our content is continuously updated based on user feedback, prevailing industry trends, research, alterations in regulations, and visitor and audience metrics, among other factors.

These guidelines ensure elevated content standards and maintain an editorial process devoid of commercial influence. Our editorial approach remains independent of the company’s commercial objectives. Similarly, you won’t encounter pop-ups or advertising sidebars. We abstain from hosting third-party advertisements on our site. Thus, we assure you that our content remains untainted by external business interests.

Origin of the Guidelines

Origin of the Guidelines: The Editorial Code was collaboratively authored by our staff members. The Editor-in-Chief supervises editorial strategies, standards, and decisions across’s main platform. However, our news section operates independently with a dedicated team of journalists who do not report to other company departments.

News Editorial Policies Privacy Policy Terms of Service Media and Press Information If you require further clarification about our editorial or site policies, please contact us.

Our Editorial Team exclusively comprises experts. Our roster includes adept researchers and knowledgeable individuals in their respective domains. They possess substantial experience in the gaming industry and are driven by a desire to share their insights with fellow players.

Our Editor-in-Chief, department heads, and experts may publicly comment on their expertise and the services available at, upon request. Their statements will consistently align with our company Mission and Principles.

More about the team can be found here.

Our Editorial Code

  1. Impartial Counsel is Our Commitment Our team maintains no affiliations with any casinos or online betting services subject to review. In the rare event of conflicts of interest, they are promptly reported to the Editor-in-Chief. This practice guarantees that our reviews are consistently unbiased.

    This principle extends to the provision of impartial guidance or advice. While individuals may have personal game or banking preferences, we aim to offer completely impartial information, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

  2. Accuracy is Paramount Our reviews, game guides, and information are underpinned by data-driven research. Factual accuracy is non-negotiable. All analyses must reflect the expert judgment of our team. Our content is founded on data and factual precision.

    The recommendation of a casino, game, or service to our users necessitates involvement from several staff members. Ensuring accuracy and conducting thorough research is aligned with our mission of prioritizing players.

  3. Clarity in Information Dissemination At, we provide our content free of charge and make it accessible to individuals across various countries. We aim to inform individuals interested in the gaming industry worldwide.

    In terms of our editorial code, this translates to the requirement that all content remains relevant, current, and comprehensible, catering to players of all backgrounds. Helpfully presenting complex information is of utmost significance. Content must be composed, peer-reviewed, and presented lucidly. Should you encounter any omissions, contradictions, or confusion, we encourage you to reach out for clarifications.

  4. Transparency in Source Attribution In addition to our experts’ extensive expertise, the content furnished by must derive from reputable sources. These sources may encompass press releases, social media activity, industry trade publications, mainstream news, and direct contacts. Numerous pages on our site feature links to external sources where references can be reviewed. If any information is drawn from external sources, proper credit must be given on our site.

  5. Reviewing and Rectifying Errors Despite thorough research and experience, errors can occasionally arise. As part of our editorial code, our team is committed to reviewing and rectifying reported errors whenever necessary. Should inaccuracies or subjectivity be detected in our content, is dedicated to promptly addressing and rectifying the situation. If you identify an error, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kindly ensure that all correspondence is in English.

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