What are the Chances to Win at the Casino?

Many gamblers are absorbed in the ‘casino games are rigged’ myth. When they compare their percentage of wins vs losses, some don’t trust casinos as a viable alternative to earn extra income. They’re even curious if there’s any slight chance of winning at casinos at all. If there are, then they want to know what game has the highest payouts and odds of winning.   

Understandably, no one would like to throw their hard-earned money down the drain. Not even would they ‘waste’ it in the name of enjoying their favorite pastime. But, really, is a casino a waste of time and money? I don’t think so. But this article has got more under its belt. It answers your concerns about the winning chances at betting platforms.  

There are dos and don’ts at a casino. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran gambler or a beginner. The rule is the rule.

Look for the Best Payout  

While most licensed and reputable casinos offer the same games, their payouts differ if or when a player wins. The payout depends on the house edge a casino offers. Compare a casino with a poor 6:5 payout deal in natural blackjacks to another with a juicy 3:2 payout. A 6:5 payout gives an advantage to the casino, offering less than double a gambler’s winning in the process. Poor! Different casinos with different payouts, but you should go for the ones with stable and impressive payouts. Find them out. 

Skip House Games…Stake on Poker

Why stake your hard-earned money on blackjack, video poker, keno, craps, slots, and other table and card games? Instead, poker comes as a better alternative because it doesn’t feature the traditional house edge that the casino enjoys. Even with the edge the sportsbook has, players can find their way around it. Although poker will pit you against other players, including veterans and established champions, you can improve your winning chances over time. Plus, you can learn how to play better, bet profitably, and earn along the line. Meanwhile, you’ll have to pay a rake to play. 

Take a break

Needless to say, you should take breaks between games. Take some moments off the free drinks and games. A lack of clocks and windows can cloud your judgment and make you stick to betting. In the process, you can get lost while your bankroll dips deeper. Don’t lose track of your time, bets, and bankroll. 

When you take a break, you can sit down and count your wins and losses, clear your head and decide if you’ll continue playing or collect your winnings. Each time you pause, you may feel some excitement. But the casino isn’t sucking your money, is it?

Share a machine

Another way to increase your winning chances at the casino is to look for two or more players to share a machine with. A two-seater betting not only increases your chances of winning. It also reduces your bankroll. How? Good one! When you sit with two people at a machine, you’ll be spending half or less than half the amount of money you’d have otherwise spent if you’re alone on two or more different machines. The logic is simple. With a shared machine and combined staking, you’ll save money, spend less, and collapse into two what normally would have been multiple house edges in a way.

Optimize Video Poker High-jackpots Moments

You can’t afford to know the optimal time to play video poker. Interestingly, video poker is a casino game with amazing opportunities to seek out a small income per hand. But you must learn the best time to play it.

To optimize your winning chances at video poker, you must play when the progressive jackpots are super-impressive. You can pull off a lot of stuff here. There are no hard and fast rules about when the jackpot is high. You’ve got to figure it out yourself with a lot of math. Study the Huck Seed’s way. Do you remember him? He was the Poker pro who pulled off a $670,000 jackpot from staking $3 per hand.

Invest in learning casino games strategies

In casino games, there are basic and advanced strategies. Go for the basic strategy if you’re a fan of 3-card poker, video poker, blackjack, or baccaratlearn basic strategy. Counting cards require that you learn a blackjack advanced strategy.

Your knowledge of the casino’s basic strategy will help you slash the house edge by half or more. In the same way, knowing how to count the cards will help you direct the house edge in your favor. At least a 1-2% edge over the dealer isn’t bad, after all. But hey, you can get booted out of the casino because it’s considered illegal. Trust me, it’s worth the risk.

You may also need to do or avoid the following:

  • Skip progressives and side bets
  • Identify fake casinos
  • Latch on casino bonus offers, loyalty programs, and promotions
  • Go head-to-head against the house
  • Never chase loses


So, the next time someone asks you, ‘are there chances of winning at a casino?’ you should have a convincing answer. But never rule out the ‘luck’ factor when going to a casino. Overall, it plays a critical role in determining whether you win or lose. We hope this article helps you make an informed decision the next time you walk into a casino. Best of luck!


Based on players’ reviews and experience, blackjack leads the pack as the casino game with the best odds of winning. You won’t have to compete against other players or hooded casino champions, just against only the dealer. In most casinos, Blackjack games feature a house edge of just 1%, a relatively lower per cent compared to other casino games. Besides, blackjack also has the highest payout. The game is easy to learn, thanks to its straightforward and multiple winning strategies. On average, the payout percentage of Blackjack is about 99.43%. While card games are your best bet, no card game or poker beats Blackjack’s average payout for winning odds.

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