Best Casino Rewards Scratchcard Games

Looking for the best scratchcard games to play at online casino? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with the top 5 best Casino Rewards scratchcard games that offer great winnings. So grab your favourite game and start scratching away for your chance to win big!

What are the scratchcard casino games?

A scratch card game is a type of instant-win game that is commonly offered at online casinos. In a scratch card game, players “scratch” a virtual card to reveal symbols or numbers. The goal is to match a specific combination in order to win a prize. Scratch card games are typically fast-paced and simple to play, making them a popular choice among online casino players.

Scratch card games are often based on popular themes, such as sports, luck, or holidays, and may feature different ways to win, such as matching symbols or numbers, revealing hidden prizes, or uncovering bonus games.

It’s important to note that the specific scratch card games available at a given online casino can vary, so be sure to check the casino’s website for the most up-to-date list of games. Additionally, be sure to read the rules and regulations for each game before you start playing, as well as any terms and conditions for the rewards program. We’ve compiled a list of the best scratchcard games that can be found in online casinos.

Top 5 Scratchcard Casino Games

  1. Powerbucks Triple Cashword – Players enjoy the excitement of playing a game of chance and uncovering money prizes as they scratch away at this triple cashword card with up to 1,000x their bet on offer per line.
  2. Lucky Numbers Xtreme – This intense game offers players the opportunity to win big, with up to 50x their bet on offer for each winning number. Plus, it has additional bonus rounds and progressive jackpots that can give lucky players even more chances to hit it big!
  3. Blazing 7s Jackpot – An exciting twist on instant-win games, this scratchcard offers seven different levels where players must match numbers in order to progress through all seven stages and increase their potential rewards from 2x to 20x depending on how far they progress.
  4. 10X BONUS CASHWORD – A classic cashword style game that takes you back in time by combining traditional gaming elements with modern bonuses and prizes including up x10 your wager if you find all ten words correctly spelled out before time runs out!
  5. Neon 9s Jackpot – Light up your night by scratching off digits or letters for the chance of huge payouts; three scratchcard that rewards patience and skill; while fifth comes Lucky Numbers, which gives players larger rewards if they select the correct numbers on their cards. With these five top scratchcard games players have countless opportunities to turn their luck into gold!

How do you know if a scratchcard game is worth playing?

For anyone considering playing scratchcard games at real money online casinos in Canada, there are several things to consider in order to determine if a game is worth the time and money. First and foremost, it is essential to check out the payouts of the various scratchcards available; those with higher payout rates are generally considered to be more profitable for the player. Additionally, look at the frequency of wins within each game – if a particular game has fewer winners or larger intervals between payouts, that usually means it’s not as rewarding. Players should also read any reviews of the scratchcard games available on-site in order to get an even better idea before investing time and money into a potential new game. In this way, players can easily identify which games may give them the best chance of success.


Scratchcard games can be a lot of fun to play and offer the chance to win some great prizes. When playing  scratchcard games, it is important to choose the right game, know the odds of winning, and use strategies to help you win more often. With so many different scratchcard games available, there is sure to be a game that is perfect for everyone. What are your favourite casino rewards scratchcard games? Also, in case you are in BC you can collect some winnings on PlayNow!


Scratchcard games are indeed a good way to make money in a casino, especially if you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your winnings. Firstly, scratchcard games offer great rewards for relatively small stakes with big potential payouts. Furthermore, scratchcards often feature exciting themes and graphics that can be quite enjoyable to play.

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