When Will Poker Rooms Reopen Canada

Since the pandemic hit started two years ago, activities around the globe and things generally have not been the same. As things stand today, the number of COVID-19 cases might increase significantly. As a result, the question on the lips of most of the best payout online casinos, owners of poker rooms, and casino lovers are ‘when will poker rooms reopen Canada’? Or, is COVID-19 here to permanently eliminate land-based casinos and poker rooms?

Stats show that most regions and provinces in Canada have ordered the shutdown of operations at various brick-and-mortar casinos and sports centers, including poker rooms and card rooms. As of writing, 308 casino shops are closed down in Canada. While some casinos have reduced the sizes of their poker rooms, others have chosen to completely or partially eliminate or shut down operations.

As of December 2021, Canada has a record of 1.85 million confirmed cases of COVID-19. As of writing, too, every province in Canada has had its fair share of coronavirus, with the province of Ontario recording the highest number of cases with over 600,000 (see chart below). Prince Edward Island has the least figure with 434 while repatriated travellers record 13 cases.

A number of these casinos and poker rooms have been reopened as early as July with many more others remaining closed down. As of October, casinos in Northern Ontario were fully reopened and ready to bounce back from the impact of COVID-19. Punters still wear a mask and keep social and physical distancing. Gamblers are beginning to flock back in dribs and drabs and activities are slightly taking shape.

Poker Rooms Reopen Canada

Interestingly, vaccine rollout has given some glimmer of hope to casino owners and reputable and best Canadian bingo casinos. Despite this, What’s more, the World Health Organization has given a scary update that the figures might escalate in an unprecedented pattern if the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines aren’t getting to people as they should. With the coronavirus still ravaging and reopening of offline pokers likely to come sometime in the Q2 of 2022, real money casinos in Canada need to be proactive and find a way. Suppose things get worse and the shutdown continues, how will casino shops survive?

Now, you have detailed information about coronavirus and how it has halted a lot of gambling activities. The article also offers insights into why online poker is the way to go and what top online best payout poker rooms you can choose. The decision is now in your hands to make. COVID-19 shouldn’t be an obstacle for you to make money and entertain yourself.  
Ella Rudens Casino Content Manager
Ella Rudens
Content Manager

Why Online Poker is a way forward for Casinos

Technology has helped in many ways to contain the severity of the economic and social impacts of coronavirus. With the increasing number of online Canadian casinos, gambling has become a lot easier and more convenient. One lesson learnt is the transition from offline gambling to online and the expansion of the market to accommodate more gamblers.

Online poker offers a lot of opportunities and advantages for punters who have been denied access to bet at their favorite offline poker shops. What are the benefits of online poker in this period?

  • 24/7 Poker Action

COVID-19 has taught that poker lovers can actually do their thing online without having to wait endlessly until the shops will open. It doesn’t matter when and where you want to play, there’s always a table where you can play any time of the day. You’ll find several online poker sites and platforms that provide services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whether you’re in Ontario, Quebec, USA, Europe, or Asia, you can play online poker any time you choose to. 

  • Hidden Tells Gesture

When you play at land-based casinos, your physical gestures and actions can easily expose your tells and reveal your next move. The way you hold the cards, talk, breathe, react, or bluff can make the opponent suspect and guess your next line of action. However, if you play online, these traits won’t be seen by your opponents. This way, you can eliminate, or at least reduce, the danger of playing into the hands of your opponents.

  • Convenience

There’s nothing more convenient than being able to play casino games from the corner and comfort of your home. The online poker sites offer this opportunity. They’re available on your mobile and desktop devices 24/7. From a few taps on these devices, you can easily wager on your favorite poker game. Online poker allows you to play on your laptop, desktop, and tablet. No matter whether you use an iOS, Android or Windows-enabled device, you can conveniently and safely play. There’s no waiting line or carrying large amounts of cash in your pocket, online poker is easy, safe, and comfy to use.   

  • Multi-table ability

Even if COVID-19 chooses not to abate with the increasing number of vaccinations, -this is doubtful anyways -you have a lot of chances to do what hitherto you cannot do via the offline platform. It’s the ability to multi-table. With online poker, you can play one or more tables at a time. With the new virtual reality strategy, the waiting line is over. What’s more, multi-table betting supports you to play and wager on more than a table at the same time. The chances of winning and losing increase with this novel idea.

What are the best online Poker Rooms in Canada?

If you seek to bet and beat coronavirus and its limiting powers, signing up on the best online poker casinos will be the right choice. Here are the top 5 best poker rooms in Canada: 

  • River Cree Resort and Casino
  • Northern Lights Casino
  • Playground Poker Club
  • Pure Casino Calgary
  • Casino Regina

It’s worth noting that only the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta have ordered a gradual reopening of poker rooms.

Feel free to also check our articles explaining full-house and rake in poker. And while you might be a huge in-person poker fan we still suggest to checkout the convenience of the real money online casinos in CanadaN1 Casino or Villento Casino will be a good start.

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