What is a Rake in Poker

Poker has become one of the favorite casino games on many online baccarat casino platforms. However, with new concepts being introduced daily, punters tend to forget some of the old terms associated with the game. Rake is a concept that online poker players need to get acquainted with. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran or novice in playing online casino games. You have to be clear about the meaning of a rake and everything related to it.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about what is rake in a poker and in real money online casino Canada.

What is a rake and how does it work?

Poker GameA rake is the scaled token a casino or online poker charges as a commission. The amount is usually charged by cardroom or casinos to cover their operating costs and overheads. Unlike the card games where players play against the casino, poker is different. In poker, players play against each other. As a result, when they want to place a bet, they wager on each other. In this instance, the casino only serves as a platform. One of the ways the casino can make money is by charging the players some commissions.
For casinos that collect house take by rake, they take off a certain percentage of the players’ wagers on every pot or round of the game. Rake is often capped at a certain threshold, meaning the casino cannot exceed an amount. The amount taken as rake varies from casino to casino, website to website, and state to state. However, some rules apply that prevent the house from taking more than a certain amount. This is so especially when a winner is decided at the very early stage of the game. In sum, casinos make their own money in poker games through rake.
Typically, online poker sites collect rake during tournaments. Rake works either in cash games or as part of the cost for the business deals. The dealer drops a fraction of each pot in which the players are involved.

How is rake calculated and collected?

Generally, casinos take 10% of the pot as a rake. Sometimes, it can be as high as about 15% of the total fee wagered in a tournament. The rake collected on a cash poker game is relatively low. It can be as low as 5 per cent of the tournament fee, amounting to $5 or $10, depending on the casino. In a cash poker game, the pot might be charged a 5% rake up to a maximum of $10.

With the right strategy, you can still beat the game if you avoid small pots, short-stacked games, or heads-up pots. You can blind steal by coming up with less raked small pots. Alternatively, raising fewer preflop is another trick to beat the game.
Ella Rudens Casino Content Manager
Ella Rudens
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What is a Rake in Poker

If you’re a poker enthusiast, learning what rake is will be a perfect start to your journey. The good news is that the best payout online casinos offer a favorable percentage. You won’t have to lose much of your winnings to a commission charged by the platform you’re using. To bring it home, you can start chuckling even while playing your counterpart in the real money online casino Canada.


Absolutely! If you play card games like Omaha or Hold’em, the rule forbids the house from charging any fee if the hand doesn’t end up in a flop. 

If you explore lower rake sites, you can pay far less than what high rake poker sites offer. Consequently, players with high stakes pay relatively far less than micro-stake players. Avoiding the tilt in poker is another strategy to avoid being charged too much rake.

No, raking in poker is not illegal. It is a legitimate commission that casinos take from players who play poker. It is approved by law and allowed by the rule of the game. Where it becomes illegal is if the casino is operating any gaming license. Only regulated and licensed casinos and online poker sites can take a rake from players.   

Casinos have to take a rake because there is no reward coming to them when punters play poker. Yet, the system has to run smoothly for the players to enjoy their game. Without the rake, casinos can close down their poker section due to a lack of capacity to run it. As a result, the rake helps the cardrooms to maintain the platform. Rakes are also a fairer share for casinos on players who place high stakes. This way, they can afford to pay huge rake when they play big pots.

Yes, you can earn online rake bonuses from casinos. A poker site bonus comes in the form of a Rakeback program. If you join any of these programs, you can earn points, either in cash games or in tournaments. As a way of compensating you, your favorite casinos will reward you with some rake bonuses in the form of cash. Your point accumulation has to reach a certain amount before you can be rewarded with the Rakeback percentage.

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