How To Play Daily Keno

Generally, playing daily keno can be a little tricky. Veterans may not face the equal hurdle that their beginner counterparts will face. Yet, players need a lot of information on how to play daily keno online and win daily keno. It doesn’t matter whether they want to play offline or online.

Even the best Keno online casinos don’t offer detailed insights into the best way to win on their websites. You need deep tips and insights from industry experts to be able to win real money slots online on any of the card games. So, how do you play daily keno? Let’s find out.

The first step to playing daily keno is to understand what it means and stands for. Daily keno is a sub-category of keno, one of the casino card and table games. Daily keno is a lottery-like gambling game similar to bingo. As a game of luck, daily keno involves marking or selecting some numbers (1-80 or 70) up to the maximum allowed by the casino.

The player hands the numbers, technically called ‘keno spots’ to the worker and then wagers based on how much he wishes. The worker in turn draws the circled numbers from a container. The number of the player’s numbers that are drawn determines how much he’s paid by the house at the end of the draw.

Generally, there are several things to consider before you start playing keno. The truth is that keno is an easy, fast-paced, and fun to play game. As a general rule of thumb, daily keno allows you to choose how you want to play. But as a newbie, you must learn the rubrics.

Steps to Play Daily Keno

  • Step 1: Select your daily keno card.
  • Step 2: Mark your keno card number.
  • Step 3: Hand over the keno spots to the worker.
  • Step 4: Determine the amount you want to wager. Depending on your preferred casino, you have the option to wager as low as $1. The maximum amount is $20.
  • Step 5: Choose how many keno spots. The number of keno spots you opt for will determine how many numbers to select. However, you must choose at least one number, with the maximum being 10. Some casinos support 1-20 picks.
  • Step 6: Mark numbers between 1-80, or 70 depending on the casino. When selecting the number, keep in mind that the quantity must be within the range of the ‘keno spots’ you earlier marked. The other alternative to choose the number is using the machine-based Quickpin.
  • Step 7: Hand over the keno card to the worker and wait for a draw.

Once the draw is concluded, you’ll be paid based on how many of your numbers are drawn.

In terms of frequency, daily keno allows two draws per day. The worker begins the first draw at 2pm while the second dray takes place by 10:30pm There are odds for different keno spots. For instance, the odds for a 10-spot game are different from those of 8 or 7-spot games.

How to Win on Daily Keno

A lot of times you have to rely on luck to win on daily keno. In any case, nothing is cast in stone on any casino games. Winning on daily keno requires that you take time to study the various odds and winning probabilities. We’ve hinted that there are various odds based on the daily keno spots available at different keno online casinos. Let’s take a look at the various odds.

There are things that determine how much you win at daily keno when 20 numbers are drawn from the possible 80.

  • How much you wager: the more wager you place on daily keno, the more the chances of winning more money.
  • The number of keno spots you select: as you’ll come to learn, there is a wide variety of keno spots in the field. You can wager on 10-spot, 9-spot, 8-spot, and so on. When you choose more odds, you increase the chance of your numbers being drawn.
  • The range of numbers that matches your selected keno card numbers: of course, the number must match when they are drawn. It’s only when this happens that you can lay claim to winning. All other winning requirements are attached to this.

For a 10-keno spot game, the overall odds are 1 in 9.05. The matches range from 0, 5 through 10 for 10-keno spot, 4-9 for a 9 keno spot, 4-8 for 8-keno spot, and so on. There are prizes for $1 and $5 bets across each of the keno spots. For 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 5-keno spot games, the overall odds stand at 1 in 6.53, 1 in 9.77, 1 in 4.23, 1 in 6.19, and 1 in 10.3, 1 in 3.86, 1 in 6.55, 1 in 16.6, and 1 in 4.00.

Basic Rules of Daily Keno

Here are basic rules that guide playing daily keno at any casino:

  • A player can pick more than one spots
  • Each spot or selection requires a player to pick a category. The category ranges from two through 9 numbers.
  • A player is required to choose from 1-80 or 70, depending on the casino
  • He must also wager a certain amount, the minimum being $1
  • The draw takes place twice a day, except otherwise stated
  • Prizes are based on the draw on 20 numbers.
Now, you have the requisite information on the tricks to play and win using your daily keno strategy. The ball is in your court to make an informed decision and go for the right hit. Never make a mistake because a little flop can deny you big wins.
Ella Rudens Casino Content Manager
Ella Rudens
Content Manager

Daily Keno Advance Play

If you don’t want to play daily keno today, there’s a chance to play and wager on the ‘Advance Play.’ Playing daily keno for future drawings and dates requires that you must purchase the daily keno tickets.

The rule is that the daily keno ticket you’re buying must have a date. The date you’re choosing must range between the potential future draw date and the 25th draw date on the bounce.

What this means is that the future draw date for your future ticket cannot exceed the date between the draw taking place and the twenty-fifth successive draw date. Check the time zone for your various draw dates. Depending on your province, you are only eligible to play daily keno if you’re 18 years of age or older.

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