Grey Eagle Poker Tournament

If you reside in Calgary and are a poker enthusiast, the best place you might want to consider going to is the Grey Eagle Casino. With a wide collection of poker Canada online games, Grey Eagle Poker Tournament and resort has something for everyone. The dealers are excellent and the tours are well run.

There is a perfect collection of poker games, including Pot Limit Omaha, Tournaments, and NL Texas Hold’em.
As of writing, the Grey Eagle Poker Tournament schedule is yet to come out. But there is a lot you can do on the platform to cash out. Once you visit this casino, you can enjoy the excitement that comes with slot machines, the fun of the live table games, and the thrill of the six poker tables.

Located at 3777 Grey Eagle Dr, Calgary, the casino offers both gaming and resort. The interesting thing is that the venue is massive, about 84,000 square feet for all your gaming action. There is enough space for self-parking.

As part of the casino’s regular update, new updates on the electronic version of the table games are being introduced. With these updates, players can have access to automated table games. Grey Eagle Casino offers live Roulette, Baccarat, Stadium Blackjack, and Stadium Three Card Poker. There are up to 8 more table games to add to the lobby. In these games, you will get exciting discounts, perks, and rewards.

Seven days a week, you can play some of the most exciting craps on the casino’s gaming floor. A craps session starts at 7:00 p.m. but opens at 10:00 a.m. If you’re a lover of classic poker such as Ultimate Texas Hold’Em or Three card Poker rooms, you can join Calgary from 10:00 a.m. through 3:00 a.m. you’ll have the casino’s professional team in attendance.

The poker section of the Grey Eagle Casino is open for punters in three days. You can play poker from Thursday through Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. you can access the 6 table games through the main gaming floor. As of writing, the Grey Eagle casino poker only features cash games.

We have the Grey Eagle Poker Rewards Club and the Holiday Giveaway to keep you active and excited pre-season, in-season, and off-season.

Rewards Club Promotions

There is a lot to tap into if you sign up for the Rewards Club promotion.

How to Sign Up for the Grey Poker Rewards Club

The steps to begin to earn huge bonus points via the Rewards Club are pretty convenient. Alternatively, you can visit the casino to start and complete the entire process:

To sign up, you will need a government-issued ID that has your picture on it. The good news is that the process is seamless and within minutes.

How to Claim the Rewards Club Points

There are several ways you can accumulate and claim the Rewards Club points. First off, there is the option of earning the Rewards Club card by swiping the card each time you’re at the casino lobby.

You can also accumulate and claim the Rewards Club card points through direct mail and emails. But you’ll need to sign up for this. The third option is to participate in the casino’s special promotional offers. If you play slots and poker, you can also earn the Rewards Club card points.

The points can be used for many benefits and reasons. For instance, you are rewarded with special giveaways and gifts. If you’re participating at the Grey Eagle restaurant, the points will also earn you amazing discounts. You can also access the casino’s presale codes, receive birthday offers, and bonus points on some select days.

Holiday Giveaway

Yearly, Grey Eagle has a special gift during the holidays in December. From December 5, Grey Eagle casino has started to do a free holiday giveaway for its numerous customers. This promotional reward can involve a giveaway of about $10,000.

Grey Eagle Casino Poker Tournament Rules

To be a member of the Grey Casino, there are general rules that guide participation. They apply to those who wish to be members of the Grey Casino Rewards Club as well as those who will participate in the grey casino Poker tournament.

  • Membership is open only to persons who are 18 years of age or more.
  • Staff and employees of Grey Eagle Casino cannot take part.
  • Participation requires that members have a valid government-issued ID with a photo.
  • A member is entitled to only one Grey Eagle casino card. The card is not transferable from person to person.
  • In case of any violation, Grey Eagle casino can terminate your membership, deny your application, or revoke your membership outright.
  • Programs, rewards, Rewards Club points, and other bonuses are subject to modification or alteration at the discretion of Grey Eagle casino.
  • Members must be active on their accounts. Grey Eagle reserves the right to remove all accounts that stay inactive, redundant, or dormant accounts for 12 months. All accumulated points on the deleted accounts will be forfeited by account owners.
  • There is no cash value to Rewards Club points
With these insights into the Grey Eagle Poker casino, you can imagine what the casino’s Tournament schedule would look like. In the end, the more you know, the better and more informed your decision and the more you'll enjoy. You can always take advantage of the incredible offers and giveaways. But be sure you’re up to the gambling age before walking down the aisle to stake at this casino. Also feel free to check out our articles on what is a rake in poker and what is a full house in poker.
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Ella Rudens
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