Centennial Bingo Regina Jackpots

The best Canadian bingo casinos have a lot of things in common. It is their incredible wide variety of bonuses and promotional offers. However, the bingo jackpots can be a little different depending on the casinos you have chosen. Centennial Bingo Regina is one of the Regina Bingo centres with amazing bonuses. The Centennial Bingo Regina Jackpots are an incentive to keep new and returning players motivated to stay on the platform for a long time.

The good thing is that the Centennial Bingo jackpots have a lot of standout features. These are not the regular jackpots you’ll find out there. Apart from being huge winnings, they’re among the most enduring and sustainable jackpots the market offers in Regina and Canada. Let’s take a look at the Centennial Bingo jackpots.

Technically, Centennial Bingo can be said to have started in 2002 following the amalgamation of Charities that culminated in the 2006 inclusion of Swift Current. The Bingo place has its headquarters at 2311 2nd Avenue, Regina, Canada.

With branches across the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Centennial Bingo boasts a lot of positives in this province’s second-largest city. Besides the Bingo’s hall in Regina, there is ClubWest Bingo in Saskatoon, Fantasyland Bingo in Regina, Leisure Time Bingo in Moose Jaw, and Bingo Palace in Regina.
With a wide array of programs that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year, the center boasts different categories of jackpots. Each of the packages is geared towards helping different levels of players to continue to play bingo games at the hall.

The hall works from Monday to Sunday, with both morning and evening programs up for grab to give players a sense of belonging and opportunities to win big. At Centennial Bingo, the daily sessions run from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. The hall runs three programs daily: matinee (1:00 p.m.), evening (7:00 p.m.), and late night (10:00 p.m). The only exceptions are Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day when hours might differ.

Centennial Bingo Regina is well-established to offer a warm and friendly environment for fun and entertainment. Players and guests can play bingo and win some cash while meeting new friends.

Centennial Jackpot Packages

Let’s explore the jackpot packages you should expect as you head straight to Centennial Bingo hall at Regina, Saskatoon, or Moose Jaw.

Centennial Jackpots at Regina Bingo Place

The first thing to say is that at Centennial Bingo, there is an assortment of daily, weekly, and regular bonuses and promotions that will wow you. From the evening ‘Strive for 5’ to ‘Super Speedo,’ there’s something for everyone.

As of writing, Centennial Bingo offers two jackpot programs: evening program and matinee program. The evening program consists of the Evening Strive for 5, Jackie Potts Bonanza, Red, White & Blue Jackpot, Centennial Cash Jackpot, and Bonanza. The Matinee program, on the other hand, hosts the Strive for 5, Winfall, Red, White & Blue Jackpot, Bonanza, Jr. Jackpot, and Super Speedo. Some of these jackpots are broken down into sub-categories to accommodate different levels of bingo players.

The Strive for 5 offers the highest winnings of $8,200 while the Matinee Strive for 5 rewards players with a whopping $7,700. On average, you can win up to a $1,500 jackpot on various programs with the least average being $300.

The Centennial Bingo’s highest jackpot winnings might not be the best claims you will find among the leading competitors. Yet, they are definitely not the worst when compared to what other bingo centres offer out there. The jackpot reward comes to offer some great relief for Bingo enthusiasts who seek to win cool cash.

Player’s Reward Club

On October 23 & 24, the Centennial Leisure Time Bingo and FantasyLand Bingo rewarded players $1,000.00 jackpots. For regular bingo players at Centennial, they can reward themselves perfectly through the Bingo Players Reward Club (BPRC). You’ll only need to sign up for a BPRC’s card. For each session you play, the bingo rewards you with points. You can also scan your PPRC for other amazing prizes.
Upon signing up for and scanning the card, you can claim and collect your points for reward vouchers or merchandise prizes. Apart from the instant wins, the bingo also offers discounts for loyalty.

Rules to play at Regina Centennial Bingo Place

The Centennial Bingo works with some rules to guide against illegal gambling. The most striking of these is that every person from age 12 is allowed into the bingo hall. Here are rules to keep in mind before opting to play at Centennial bingo regina jackpots hall:

  • You must mark your bingo card with a dabber. Don’t forget, bingo is a dabber game.
  • You must use your card in the session you purchased it for.
  • Cards are valid only for one play.
  • The player with the winning card number, and not the announcer, should declare the ‘Bingo’ to stop play.
  • The number you Bingo must appear on your card or ticket technically called the ‘called ball.’
  • You must cash your winning Break Open Tickets or cards at the end of each session.
  • Any mutilated, torn, altered, shared, o cut cards are invalid and cannot be used to play.
  • In case cards are accidentally duplicated, the bingo hall will share the winnings among the winners.

Final Word

Centennial Bingo is the place to be if you wish to play bingo, win money, and meet new friends. The Bingo also treats players, visitors, and guests to a wide assortment of local and foreign foods, including a home-style meal and freshly popped popcorn. You can rest assured; there is no dull moment at the center. Your win or loss at the Regina Bingo is made for or complemented by the exquisite treat you receive at the restaurant.

Get up now, pick up your phone, MasterCard, Visa, or eWallet, and head straight to Regina where the professional staff members and customer support team of Centennial Bingo are waiting for you. You can’t afford to miss out on the current Centennial Bingo Regina Jackpots.

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