Casino Regina Show Lounge Events

After a partial reopening in November, Casino Regina has returned to nearly all its programs and events. The casino Regina Show Lounge Events tops the list of the priority events that this casino offers its teeming customers and visitors.

The closure was brought about by two factors. First, the outbreak of COVID-19 dealt a heavy blow on the Casino Regina and other public places in Canada. The renovation that took place around the west ring of the Casino Regina didn’t also help matters. As a result, the casino’s Show Lounge was put on hold for almost one and a half years.

What’s the Regina show lounge event about? Let’s find out in this article. Just before this, we’ll explore the world of Casino Regina and its Show Lounge. The casino is licensed and regulated by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA).

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Casino Regina’s Show Lounge is such a fantastic venue for all kinds of concerts. Seating on a massive hectare of land, this lounge is a huge center of attraction around Regina and its environs. Located at 1880 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, the Lounge sits on the main floor of the casino. There’s also a Vegas-style theater located at the casino’s balcony. The main building is constructed to take a large number of visitors at a single seating.

The casino is home to a wide range of games that include poker, station poker classic, harvest poker classic, and Diamond Poker classic. The Poker Room is open for punters from 12 p.m. through 4: 00 p.m. there are regular tournaments that keep players active even while waiting for events to start. The casino Regina offers table games and slots. Guests at the events can also take advantage of the games to entertain themselves.

Show Lounge Services

There is also an option for room rental during the Casino Regina show lounge event. On Wednesdays, casino Lounge offers its room at $2,000 per day, goods and services tax inclusive. On weekends, the cost per room moves up to $3,000 per day plus tax. The banquet hall on the main floor takes about 400 guests while the reception hall will accommodate an equal number of people. The large capacity GA show floor during events at the Casino Regina takes up to 900 guests.

Typically, Casins not only offer jackpots and cash prizes. It is a home for full-blown entertainment. Are you planning a fundraiser, awards ceremony, dinner, conference, or reception? It doesn’t matter the kind of event you have in mind. This casino has so much in stock to make it eventful and remarkable. They have a team of tailor services to give glamor and fun to your event. The center bustles with activity throughout the entire year.

Note, for every event you attend at casinos Regina and Moose Raw, you will pay for parking. Don’t forget, Regina is located in the heart of downtown. This is a region where parking is not encouraged. Parking is charged to keep the parking running and discourage guests of neighbouring shopping malls and workplaces from using the lots. However, guests won’t have to pay for parking after 7 p.m.if you’re rewarded with 10 Player Club Points as a Players Club member, you’ll be free to park without paying. There is the technical support that guests get during concerts and events at the casino.

Regina Show Lounge Upcoming Events

Between 2022 and 2023, a lot is going to take place at the Casino Regina Lounge. There’s not going to be any dull moments. After the seriously busy 2021 that saw the casino hold two sessions of Jeffery Straker on the 10th and 11th December, visitors are expected to experience more events to elate their spirit.

The JazzFest Regina held between November 11 and 13 at the casino’s Ballroom, the Conexus Arts Centre’s Hilton, was incredible. There were also Jack Semple, New Montagues, Dee Daniels and Denzal Sinclaire concerts. This casino Regina show lounge events made the headlines all over the city.

And since the blockbuster Jerry Lee Lewis tribute on March 14, 2020, the center has remained locked. The Snake Oil of Saturday was scheduled to hold on 6 June 2020 but was called off due to concerns about a rise in COVID-19 infections.

The casino’s upcoming event is the Irish Concerts. On the 6 March 2022, guests at the Casino Regina will have a lot of fun and prizes to win when next they visit the hall. The event is expected to be an indoor and outdoor concert this fall. Tickets are already on for the Irish event and you cannot afford to miss out on this potentially enthralling outing.

Casino Regina Show Lounge Payout

It will only be fair to talk about the best payout at the casino Regina. While you’re planning for the Casino Regina Show Lounge event, you’ll need to equip yourself with the best information about the casino activities around this center. These tips will help you:
With an average payout of well over 92%, Casino Regina boasts of the leading best payout online casinos out there. Overall, this may not be the best payout rating, but it boasts more payout than many of the casinos in Regina.


Understandably, everyone is looking to be a part of the Casino Regina Show Lounge events. But things have to be done in the safest way possible. The casino has put in place a lot of measures to observe the COVID-19 protocols. This way, visitors, staff members, and players have to be safe to be able to enjoy the excitement that comes with the play. The casino won’t want to go on another 20-month hiatus. This time, the closure can be longer if it comes as a punishment for violating the procedures.
Do you want to book a space for your event or to be a participant at the casino’s upcoming events? Casino Regina’s Event Manager is a call away. You can reach out to any of the Casino Regina customer support reps via 306-787-4040.

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