5 Top Casinos in Monaco

Monaco is a state on the northern coast of the Mediterranean sea and it’s popular for its great history and love for gambling. The city is home to Casino de Monte Carlo, one of the world’s oldest casinos.

Since casinos became legal in France in 1854 through Prince Charles III, gambling has grown to become one of Monaco’s main sources of revenue and wealth. Arguably, Monaco is the world’s best gambling resort and home to the most famous casinos anyone can imagine.

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The idea of the Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo was nurtured by Marie Caroline Gibert de Lametz, a Princess of Monaco. The casino started in the mid-18080s, precisely in 1856 under the name Les Spelugues before it was changed to the current name in 1863. It is in an atrium ringed by more than 2 dozen onyx columns. It is home to more than 300 slot machines and 35 gaming tables.

It also features 3 rooms, with each room being called a ‘salon.’ There are quartz chandeliers, decorative details, and gigantic ceilings, and extraordinary draperies.

With so many cultural attractions, the casino has appeared in some of James Bond’s popular movies, including Casino Royale, Ocean’s Twelve, and Goldeneye.

Le Casino Cafe de Paris

This casino was launched in 1954 a few years after the establishment of the Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo. It houses more than 1000 slots. There is a video poker version and a dozen card and table games. Spinning the reels of various slots using slot machines for fun and payouts are available. There are Texas’s Hold ’em tables for all poker lovers, and the best table games experience has the chance to place a bet on blackjack or English Roulette. You can also bet on 12 high-limit video poker machines as a high roller.

There are luxurious hotels inside the casino, with the major 3 being Le Grill, Le Cote Jardin, and Le Louis XV. There are half a million bottles of fine wine, while some are over 200 years old.

Monte Carlo Bay Casino

Founded in 1929, the Monte Carlo Bay Casino in Larvotto, Monaco. The Monte Carlo Bay Casino is the newest casino that opened in Monte Carlo. It has more than 140 slot games using the ticket in/ticket out (TITO) technology, which uses the onboard barcode scanners. You can have a great casino experience with multiple spins using the slot machines. Apart from that, there are different variations of classic electronic Roulette. With these, you can make wagers of various sizes. It also provides a stake range from low-end to high-end values.

The casino also offers an open-air terrace area with over 100 slot machines for betting with fun casino games. There’s also a place where smoking is allowed. With as low as CA$0.10, you can play and win at this casino.

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Monte Carlo Sporting Club & Casino

The Monte Carlo Sporting Club & Casino was established in 2006 as an entertainment and sports hub and it’s located at Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco. The casino has over 60 slot machines, American Roulette, English Roulette, such as Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, Blackjack, Craps. You can also find the increasingly popular 30/40.

When it comes to sight-seeing, this casino proves its mettle. It’s one of the best centers for full tourist-package adventure and vacation for visitors. The Monte-Carlo Sporting Club serves as top-notch entertainment to Monaco visitors and hosts different musical concerts. You can be sure that your next visit to Monaco in the summer will be an amazing experience.

Sun Casino

Founded in 1975, the Sun casino has a large land that divides between the grand jackpot and main room. The casino houses the ‘Colossus’, largest slot machines to operate in Monaco. The sun casino is located inside the Monte Carlo Grand Hotel. It offers 27 table games, 450 slot machines, slot machines for spinning reels, and lots of games that use winning lines, special symbols, and bonus games.

The casino also features many variants of electric blackjack. You can play these games using the Sun casino’s touch-panel tables. What’s more, it boasts a unique black pot table that players can use to deal the classic cards. An electric roulette is an alternative to the classic roulette version, played on-screen, and players are free to play personally.


If you love gambling or enjoy beautiful, big, and awesome surroundings, make a trip to Monaco as it is home to the best full-tilt casinos and dining experiences. You can also enjoy a variety of real money online casinos which we carefully selected for you! Oh you can also check 5 Top Las Vegas casinos.

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