4 Oldest Casinos in the World

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of casinos operating in different countries across the world. Hundreds of new ones are being established daily. With the increasingly countless number of land-based and real money online casinos, it is difficult to guess the oldest ones among them. Suffice it to say that gambling has been part of human history from time immemorial.

More so, the sophistication of today’s technology-driven casino operations is way different from the old-fashioned model of playing our darling slots, roulettebaccarat, and blackjack. Get yourself a comfy stool, relax and enjoy this tour of the world’s 4 oldest casinos. It has to be said that there’s no consensus as to the exact date of the creation of the casinos.

Established in 1838 and built in the stylish and historic city of Venice in Italy, Casinò di Venezia is considered to be the oldest casino resort in the world. After an initial strict regulation, including the relocation to Ca’ Vendramin Calergi in 1959 and banishment in 1774, Casinò di Venezia flourished.

The casino’s building was designed by Mauro Codussi using the ancient Venetian architectural design. It has a retro grandeur that is clearly expressed in the adorned Grand Canal entrance. The casino was a hub of Italian royal and aristocratic patronages, including the frequent visit by Richard Wagner, a famous composer.

In terms of game collection, Casinò di Venezia is home to more than 600 slot machines. You will also find classic poker, roulette, and blackjack. You’ll also find other great games in the casino. This is a cultural hub for ballet and opera.

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Casino de Spa – 1763

Another historic gambling hub is the Spa-based Casino de Spa. Its existence is dated back to the mid-18th century. Spa is a city in Belgium known for its municipal lifestyle and outlook. As far back as the 14th century, Spa was a tourist hub thanks to its mineral-rich healing waters and thermal springs.

The casino was launched in 1763 where it started the combination of casino, gambling and spa. This combo trend was said to have started from this establishment. The architectural design and interior decoration of the casino building were credited to Barthélémy Digneffe, an architect of the Baroque era.

However, after the devastation of the palace-looking Casino de Spa in1807 following a great inferno, the place was left in ruins. Napoleon I, French military leader and political leader at the time ordered the diversion of the proceeds from the casino to be used to take care of those who lost their property to the fires. After a reconstruction, Casino de Spa suffered another major structural setback in 1917 following the German invasion. It was rebuilt and is still in operation till today.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden – 1824

This casino is regarded as the ‘most beautiful casino in the world’ by German-born American actress and singer, Marlene Dietrich. Kurhaus casino is sited in the fringes at the ancient Black Forest where Germany shares international boundary with France. This historic casino was established as a countermeasure to France’s banning of gambling in the 1820s. Subsequently, this saw a large number of French citizens crossing the border to visit Kurhaus casino.

The Casino was established in 1824 in the Baden-Baden region of Germany with the building’s neoclassical architectural design and subsequent exclusive construction done by German architect, Friedrich Weinbrenner. The casino is known for its luxury and quality gaming experience for celebrities and the crème de la crème of the society. The casino went into a provisional extinction between 1872 and 1933 before it was revived. Since then, the Kurhaus casino continues to preserve its identity and reputation till today. While housing a beautiful spa, Kurhaus houses conferences and events. As of writing, the casino features slot machines plus chandeliers and lavish decors.

Casino de Monte Carlo, 1863

Nearly after more than 40 years of founding Kurhaus casino, another casino sprang up in France. Marie Caroline Gibert de Lametz, a Princess of Monaco, was said to have laid the seed that gave birth to the casino. The idea behind this previously-owned family casino was to fund Monaco after it lost taxes due to the annexation of some regions. The gambling house was established in 1856 as Les Spelugues before it changed its name to Casino de Monte Carlo, which was officially confirmed in 1863.

In its over 150 years of existence, the casino has featured in the popular James Bond movies, including Goldeneye, Ocean’s Twelve, and Casino Royale. Plus, the building has gone through a lot of architectural improvements with a lot of cultural and dining attractions. Visits to the casino are by the city’s crème de la crème. Apart from the luxury vehicles this cultural hub Casino de Monte Carlo will treat you to roomy theatre and concert halls, exclusive bars, and high-end restaurants.

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